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We’re seeking equitable, measurable, and enforceable policy changes across the tech industry that directly affect present and future Black employees. 

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We exist to be the North Star for tech companies to achieve equitable outcomes in 3 key areas:


Workforce. Companies should hire, promote, and pay in proportion to the population they serve.


Investment. Companies should ensure their products, services, and spending minimize racial inequities.


Advocacy. Companies should advocate for policies that promote racial justice and the greatest social good.

Achieving Equity in Tech v2.0

Read, sign, and share our actionable guide for creating equitable systemic change.


Our org is led by, predominantly comprised of, and centered on Black and Brown tech employees.

Headshot of Lawrence Humphrey

Lawrence Humphrey

Co-founder, CEO

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Fallon Blossom



As a young organization, we're borrowing from the wisdom of our senior advisors.

Headshot of Brad Neal

Brad Neal

Co-founder, Design & Brand

Headshot of Chelsea Tamura

Chelsea Tamura

Community and Programming

Headshot of Leslie Wingo

Leslie Wingo

Business Strategy

Headshot of Moses Harris

Moses Harris

Co-founder, Development & Outreach

Headshot of RM Harrison

RM Harrison

Content Strategy

Headshot of Phil Gilbert

Phil Gilbert

Business Strategy & Operations


The Community represents our forum for cross industry dialog and support. These are some of the companies where our members work.

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We’re proud to collaborate with these organizations and help further their mission.

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Places where our work and message have been featured.

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You will work side-by-side with us to help execute on our mission.

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You will trade stories and strategies with other tech employees across the industry.

As a partner

We will help further our respective missions by amplifying and extending our programming.

As a client

We will help you achieve your business objectives by and through a focus on equity.

We're refactoring the tech
industry to center humanity.

Help us build comprehensive and actionable solutions to
drive equitable outcomes for tech employees.

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